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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hi bloggers!   It's day two of The Teaching Tribune's linky party.

 I just love linky parties!  Today we are celebrating "Two for Tuesday".  In honor of today I'm offering 50% off two of my favorite products.  Here's what I have on sale......


This is a brand new product.  My principal requires us to keep up with parent communication.  I'm sure your principal requires the same.  This is a great product to do so.
This is one of my favorite products.  A great way to keep track of behavior in your classroom.

Well, there ya go.  You can purchase both products at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Enjoy the products and I'll see ya tomorrow for Worksheet Wednesday.

Until Tomorrow.....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

Hi bloggeristas!   I'm linking up with my friends at The Teaching Tribune this week.  They are celebrating a new theme each day.  Today's theme is Monday Meet Me.  So may I introduce...Me...
Now it's your turn.  Click on the image below and head over to "The Teaching Tribune" and tell me all about you.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hi bloggers!  Happy Summer!  Yes, I'm back again.  I know what your thinking...she keeps doing that pesky disappearing act...LOL!  Well that's true.  Here's what I have found about blogging....I really enjoy it, but when I'm working I have a tendency to be a workaholic so I don't leave time for anything else but work.  Which is great for my teaching career, but horrible for my personal life.  This probably explains why I'm still looking for Mr. Right at 38.   But hey, that's another blog post...ha ha ha!

So is everyone out there enjoying your summer?  Any big, fabulous plans?  My plans are to plan for my kiddos next year...yep work (the dirty W word),  and blog about some things that happened to me this past year....all good!

But I would also like to get to know all of my bloggers.  I've always heard that teachers should communicate and help each other....so grab your coffee and let's talk!   Here's how we'll get the ball rolling....I'm going to ask a question of the day each day.  At the end of the month the person that has answered the most questions will receive a free product from me, and just so you know I have some REALLY AWESOME stuff in the works....should be ready to sell very soon!  The catch is the question will be posted on the blog Facebook page.  So if you've not liked me on Facebook, you might want to do that.  We'll continue to play this game all summer.  Oh and I'm also going to reward some hugs to some wonderful teachers that made my life a little easier last year.  After all everyone deserves a hug every now and then right....OK...

So, run on over to the Facebook page and check out today's question......and.....GO!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year...I'm Back!

Happy New Year to all of my fellow educators out there.  I hope you had a relaxing christmas break.  I'm back and I'm excited to bring you a new announcement....I now have a store at Teacher's Notebook....YEAH!!!  You can visit my new store at.....

Please check back often.  I am adding new items to my store weekly (or trying to...you know how a teacher's schedule can be... ha ha ha!)

Before our break, my 1st graders completed a two week unit on Maps.  I concluded our unit with a map project.  I asked my students to choose a place, real or imaginary, and create a map it.  They needed to have a title at the top of their map, a map key with at least 3 things, it had to be neat and easy to understand, and they had to present their project to the class.  I was very proud of their results!  Here are some pictures of their projects....

As I mentioned above, I was very proud of them.  They were all able to present their maps to the class and tell all about them.  If you would like to pick up a copy of the parent letter for this project as well as the grading rubrics, click on the links below.

I want to send out a special hug to I Teach Stars for this wonderful freebie....

You can pick it up at Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking on the link above, or visit her TPT store by clicking here.

I Teach Stars this hug goes out to you....

Here's wishing all of my fellow teachers a wonderful new year.  

Until Next Time.....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Products, Hugs, and Changes...Oh My!

Hi bloggers!

I've made a few changes to my blog.  I've posted all of my products from my TPT store on the side of my blog.  Several of you have told me that you could not find my products on TPT, so this will put the products at your finger tips.  I have added a new product......

If your classroom decor is sea life or under water, this is a cute product to add to your decor.  Go check it out.  Click on the picture under "My TPT Products".

Now on to our...da da da DAAA.....HUG OF THE DAY!!!  Our hug of the day goes to our newest blogger ........

Amy Harrod from 24/7 Teacher

She is doing a wonderful thing on her blog.  She teaches in Florida.  A fellow teacher was in a car accident and she is trying to help with donations.  If you donate $20 to this cause, then you receive $250 dollars in TPT products.  Go to her blog and read about this act of kindness,  24/7 Teacher.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog Lovin and Hug of the Day

You can now find my blog on bloglovin.  In case you don't know what this is, it is a great website where you can find blogs about anything.   Just click the link to find my blog. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Now I'm going to begin something new.... I believe every teacher needs a hug (even during summer break!).  So I'm going to start giving away hug of the day badges.  So my very first hug of the day badge goes to

            Laura Davis from Tattling To the Teacher

She had a great post on how to add text to a PDF....very helpful!  She also posted on Facebook that her blog is on bloglovin.  So (me being the Curious George that I am) I went and visited this site and found that my blog was on there too.  So thank you Laura for the great info, (((HUGS TO YOU)))!

Until Next Time....